Ivan & Ana,
We wanted to take the opportunity to express our gratitude for you and all of the work that you put into our engagement process and unforgettable wedding day. You helped give us tangible pieces of joy that will last forever. The photos that you both take have been truly everything we could have hoped they would be and more.
The engagement photos, the boudoir book, and the special moments captured at the rehearsal dinner and the wedding are priceless. We are so thankful for your generosity throughout everything. You and your wife are incredibly talented and genuinely wonderful people.
You have our promise that we will recommend partnership with you as a must for anyone that hopes to have their romance and joy captured in photos. You gave us a wonderful gift, and for that, we're grateful.
Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you.
Best Regards,
Kayla & Matt
(A note from Kayla: Matt still cannot believe that I did the boudoir photo shoot...I am so glad that I did that for him! I love seeing how happy it makes feel. I want to specifically thank you both for making me feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful.)
Ivan and Ana,
Thank you for taking the time to answer all of my crazy questions and showing me some incredible albums of your work, even before I formally booked you as my photographers. 
Some background: I have never spent time with professional photographers for anything other than a guy that did a headshot for me at work when I started working after college. So I really had no idea what to expect. Their patience with walking me through what to expect is what really sold me. 
After having our engagement photos done, I was still a little nervous about boudoir. I had this perception that boudoir photos were super racy and was not something that I was initially interested in doing. However, Ana was again so patient and so good at communicating with me. She would text me photos of what she envisioned and asked for feedback! And even better, if I didn't like something or found a different idea, she accepted that feedback and made it happen. She helped me with outfit ideas, and even helped me find affordable options in styles that I felt comfortable with (coverage wise).
During the shoot, I thought I'd be nervous, exposed, uncomfortable. Was I ever wrong. The team made me feel so comfortable and natural!  They treat you exactly the same as if you were fully clothed. No wandering eyes, no awkward looks towards the ceiling. Professional interaction that gives you and the team nothing but respect. Again, being no professional model, they helped me through poses and talked me through facial expressions and all. 
I was shocked at how well the photos turned out! And their online album platform is so user friendly, you can pick out your favorites, and make changes to any albums/prints before they are printed. Ana and Ivan made it so easy to have everything printed and hand delivered. 
My album turned out better than I expected, and I was so excited to give it to my husband after our wedding. 
Overall, I had such a great experience, that I went from someone who would never consider boudoir, to being an advocate. I would tell any bride to do a boudoir shoot. You will not regret it. I would easily consider (and am planning) coming back to Ivan Garcia Studio in the future for maternity boudoir.   
(God willing... and not anytime super soon... but seriously hope I can do that with you guys one day!)
Brb going to look at my album :)
-Alison & Graham
I met Ivan and Ana during the peak of the pandemic via Zoom, and, despite the fact that they were my fourth call with a photographer that day, I knew immediately that they were the perfect team to help me and my husband at our wedding. 
From the moment they first introduced themselves to the last photo they shot at our wedding, Ivan and Ana were, to put it simply, amazing. They were professional, kind, personable, reliable, and, of course, they took incredible, incredible photos. Neither my husband nor I are very comfortable in front of a camera, so we were worried that we would look nervous or anxious in our photos. 
During our first photo session for our engagement pictures, it became clear that we had nothing to be concerned about. Ivan and Ana were able to coach us through different poses and positions and they did so in a way that made us feel comfortable enough to be ourselves and to show the relationship that we have with each other. They took time to get to know us to make sure that they took the photos that we were hoping for, and the results were even better than what we imagined. 
While scheduling both our engagement session and my bridal session, Ivan and Ana were extremely responsive and accommodating. They met us in different locations all around the city – from Brazos Bend State Park to Conroe – and they did so with great scheduling flexibility, something that was much appreciated given the rigidity of our work schedules. 
In the days leading up to our wedding, Ivan and Ana reached out to me numerous times to ensure that we were on the same page as to the wedding schedule and expectations. With so much going on during the wedding day, I truly appreciated knowing that Ivan and Ana understood what my husband and I were looking for. 
I cannot overstate how happy we were to have had them as a part of our wedding. We have nothing but amazing things to say about them personally and about the photos that they took of this special time in our lives. We would highly recommend them to any couple looking for a photographer for their big day!! 
- Isabella & Victor
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