Hi! I’m glad you’re here!
I have created this guide to help you get the most out of your photos. This is something that you will find useful before you come in to our beautiful studio.
A boudoir session can be a little intimidating at first, but knowing how to prepare for your session and how to pose will help you feel like a celebrity when the time comes to be in front of the camera.
Of course, I will be providing you with step-by-step guidance and professional coaching during your entire photo shoot for the best experience.
Preparing for your session
Treat yourself to some pretty lingerie, it will boost your confidence and make you feel absolutely gorgeous!
One beautiful matching lingerie set will photograph much better than different colors. When shopping be sure to look for a top and bottom with pretty details rather than just plain. Choose a bra and panty set in either white, black, red, floral or romantic prints, also a matching bustier and garter belt will help you look more sophisticated and romantic.
You may want to consider a lingerie bodysuit or teddy to provide more coverage if you feel that a bra and panty is too much. It will help you look amazing while also hiding your tummy, just add a pretty lace robe to make your photos so beautiful and dreamy.
What is cheeky underwear?
It is a pair of underwear that has some slippage between the butt cheeks. Not all cheeky styles have the same amount of slippage between the cheeks. Some are designed with almost a thong look while others are along a Brazilian style or half back (showing more from the sides) or even a bikini looking back, also referred as a "Cheekini" - a modern version with more cheek peek. 
Don't forget to bring accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair jewelry and anything else to will complete your final look. If you are concerned about your nipples showing you can purchase round silicone pasties to cover up. Also bring a tiny nude-to-your-skin thong to wear under the lingerie if your bottoms are too sheer.

If you want to accentuate your curves, choose bottoms with a high back that starts wide at the top and then narrows down quickly at a given point, which results in showing some cheek action. This will give you a very elegant yet sensual look.

Shopping Inspiration
Be unique and find something that one else seen before! I highly suggest the beautiful and delicate look of white lace, it’s the best lingerie style that will make you feel beautiful during your entire photo shoot. Your photos will seem as if they came straight out of a dreamy fairy tale.
Visit local stores like BHLDN and Victoria’s Secret, they’ll help you find lingerie that fits properly to your body shape and size. It's highly recommended to visit in person if all possible.
Here are some outfits you can find on Etsy stores, be sure to give yourself plenty of time for custom orders as they can take several weeks for delivery.
Body Wellness
Eat well. Avoid greasy and salty foods which cause water retention
Hydrate. Drink lots and lots of water to make your skin look healthier
Moisturize. Helps to keep your skin from getting too dry or too oily
Wax/Shave. Give yourself plenty of time to avoid irritation or redness
Mani/Pedi. Get a manicure and pedicure for a polished appearance
Avoid allergies. Don’t try any new skin products, facial masks or peels
Makeover. Set an appointment to get professional hair and make-up
Sleep. Make sure to get a good night’s rest to avoid puffy under eyes
Relax. Don’t worry or feel anxious about your upcoming photo shoot
Natural Posing
First, let me tell you something really quick. Being a model is not easy. It can be very uncomfortable at first and you will be constantly wondering: “do I look awkward right now?” But I promise you this: if you can be yourself, or you are playful and know how to have fun, then your session will be amazing. At the end of the day, its all about feeling confident in front of the camera! As a photographer, I can’t invent that! You have to practice on your own to be more comfortable in your own skin.
Practice all the posing tips included below. This will help you achieve a greater degree of success and help make your photo shoot more enjoyable.
The easiest way for you to begin building your confidence is to practice, practice, practice in front of the mirror. Knowing how your body behaves when you are moving or holding a pose will help you envision yourself during your session. Start by turning up the music (something fun and upbeat) and at the same time try on all the outfits you plan on bringing with you to the session to make sure everything fits properly.
Did you know that there are 43 different muscles in your face alone?  When you are in front of the camera, try not to worry about all the little details. Take a deep breath, hold it in, and slowly release to feel more relaxed. Just try to have fun knowing that I have your best interest in mind and really want to make you look fabulous!
The deep feeling behind your eyes is as important as what you show with your smile. Find something to look at, maybe a prop in the studio or another item and keep your eyes focused on every detail. This will help your eyes come more alive instead of wandering too much or having a blank stare into space. Try looking in the mirror and separating your lips, breathing through your mouth, and maybe giving a little smirk.
The best photos are captured when you are expressing how you feel inside, it’s more than what’s on the surface. How to look sexy? It’s easy! Just close your eyes and think about having your celebrity crush with you, how would it make you feel? If you don’t want to think about someone, then just think about something delicious to get you in the mood. You don’t always have to stay still, keep moving around and do different expressions and put your hands in different places on your body to get a variety of looks, but be sure to make your transitions as smooth and effortless as possible.
Some expressions go better with specific poses, but most of the time you will be looking off-camera. I prefer to capture photos with a more candid, voyeuristic, cinematic approach, almost as if someone in the room with you watching you. Try looking at the light source, down at your body or your lips, or even close your eyes and think sensual thoughts!
Your body is what holds everything together to create a pleasing pose. Push yours shoulders back to point your ribs towards the ceiling, then turn your pelvic bone down to push up your tail bone and arch your spine, be sure to do this even if you are laying down, it will give you a great posture and create pleasing curves exactly where you want them. You can also push your hip to one side and drop a knee to create an "S" curve, if laying down on your stomach point your hips towards the ceiling to accentuate further.
Always keep your toes pointed at all times even when laying down, it makes all the difference and helps to elongate your legs. Try this tips on your own bed: keep your legs straight and feet together, try putting one leg slightly lower than the other, cross one behind the other leg, bend at the knees or put them side by side. You can flip on your side or on your back or your stomach while doing these same poses to make them look different.
This is a question I often get asked, hands-down! It will make the shoot more fun if you have an idea of where to place your hands during your photo shoot. It's always important to keep them delicate, don't close them too tight or make a fist. Also remember to keep fingers very light, avoid creating tension and forming a “claw”, this happens when the hand is not in a natural position.
Practice Exercises
Here are some suggestions that you can try when posing, get in front of a mirror and begin! I like to give your hands something to do rather than holding still. Just pretend that you are making a video and recording it all for yourself. Of course this is just a guide and you don’t have to memorize everything, I’ll will be there to help you along the way to make sure you look fabulous!
Try to come up with your own ideas on different things you can do with your hands, arms, legs, and feet while standing in front of the mirror. You can be as conservative or as revealing as you want. Try going for a variety of looks — sassy, flirty, sensual, elegant -it’s all about having a fun attitude and being comfortable in your skin.
Stand and push hip to one side
Turn around and show your back
Crawl towards mirror or camera
Lay on stomach and stretch arms
Get on both knees and lift your hips
Lay on your back and raise your legs
Grab or toss your hair to one side
Gently run fingers along your body 
Untie a bow or slide off bra straps
Pull on your stockings or panties
Look at your body and hug yourself
Rest your hands on legs and chest
Helpful Posing Videos
Be sure to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! It will feel awkward at first, but only because it’s something that you don't do all the time. The more often you practice the different poses the better it will be during the photo shoot, trust me on this.
I had another session a while back and the client did not practice at all, so the first 1 hour was really hard for everyone. She was not at ease and constantly felt awkward even though I was giving her as much guidance as possible, this meant that the session took much longer than expected and her best photos were not captured until much later in the day.
Practice often, specially facial expressions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken a great posed photo only for the facial expression to make it look as if the client is bored or uncomfortable, it really does show in the photos. Take pictures with your phone while standing in front of the mirror, look at each one and then adjust as needed to get the desired look.
One quick and easy way to get a dreamy look is to almost close your eyes and pose around the bed as if you are very sleepy. Every movement of your hands should be slow and with a delicate touch. Be sure to give your hands a task, give them something to do either with the outfit you are wearing or with your own body.
Don’t forget to arch your back, push your chest forward while pushing your hips out as much as possible. Doing this will help show off all your curves to get the best photos possible and use our time together more efficiently. Best of all be sure you to turn up the music, have a sip of your drink, and have fun!
Here are some behind-the-scenes videos from YouTube, you can expect to be doing many of these exact same poses in front of the camera.
Boudoir Videography​​​​​​​
Hair & Makeup Tips
FACE: Apply a fuller coverage, matte foundation to create a smooth skin tone. Be sure that the color matches your body and is blended evenly. Top it off with a translucent powder for a flawless finish!
CHEEKS: The camera washes out about 40% of color, so it is beneficial to apply a little more blush or bronzer than you usually do. Also, it never hurts to do some research on Youtube and watch ‘How To’ videos on contouring.
EYES: Whether you are going for a more dramatic or natural look, fake eyelashes do wonders! They accentuate your eyes, giving you a brighter and more lively appearance. Don’t be afraid to play up your eyes, they are the focus of your boudoir images.
LIPS: For you bolder women, own it! The bright colors add warmth to your face and draw attention to your pout perfectly. You can change your lipstick each time you do an outfit change, have fun with it! If you are a woman who goes for a more natural look, it is still important to add a clear gloss or color that is only a couple shades darker than your natural color to give your lips that alluring dimension.
HAIR: It is important not to limit yourself to just one hairstyle during your boudoir photo shoot. Come to the session in a hairstyle that you can easily pin back, put up, and take down. You want to give yourself a variety of options in case one style isn’t capturing on camera how you imagined it would. In addition, voluminous hair tends to photograph better, so apply a dry shampoo to your roots for some extra lift and tease your hair as needed.
NAILS: Paint them. Chipped nails on camera stick out like a sore thumb!
If a professional is doing your hair & makeup:
Be specific: bring in multiple images that demonstrate exactly how you want your flawless face to look. Be You: Do not try something that is drastically different for the first time
The lens of a camera captures your face different than the way your eyes do when you look at yourself in the mirror. This is why it is important to do your hair and makeup for your boudoir photo shoot a little differently than you normally would.
The morning of your session
✓ Don’t wear anything that will mark your skin! It takes forever for marks to go away.
✓ Make sure to eat something, a good breakfast and light lunch, you’ll need the energy
✓ Allow yourself plenty of time -you don’t want to end up feeling rushed and stressed
✓ Wear a button down shirt and loose pants (avoid tight bras) when seeing your stylist
✓ False eyelashes are a must! Having long lashes bring attention to your eyes
✓ Get beautiful hair styling for a more sophisticated and romantic appearance
✓ See a make-up artist and let them know you are having a photo shoot. Your style can be light and airy or more glitter glam look. Studio lights and editing can wash out the colors.
During your session
✓ It’s okay to feel nervous before your session, try not to get anxious
✓ You will feel better after coming in and walking through the door
✓ I’m all about classy photos and creating something you will love
✓ Boudoir is about seeing yourself in a whole new way
✓ I will cheer for you and help you come out of your shell
✓ You will see all the photos as we go along during your session
✓ I will never push you to do anything that you don’t want to do
✓ Keep encouraging yourself to bring out your inner Vogue model
✓ Arch your back as much as you can, this will enhance your figure
✓ Point your toes for every photo to make your legs look longer
✓ Relax your hands in a natural way, don’t tighten or make a fist
✓ Have champagne or sip your favorite drink and turn up the music
✓ Most importantly... have an amazing time looking glamorous!
After your session
✓ Schedule your viewing and ordering appointment
✓ Select all the images you are absolutely in love with
✓ Order any luxury albums, prints or digital images you love
✓ Wait for your products to arrive in the mail (or schedule pickup)
✓ Enjoy your beautiful keepsakes or surprise your partner with a gift
We hope this guide has helped you understand how to have a successful boudoir session filled with fun vibes. Remember to practice some poses and expressions in front of the mirror while playing your favorite upbeat playlist. Bring anything that will help you feel confident, a bottle of tequila or even a great friend to cheer you on.
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