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This guide contains a valuable of information and is meant as a way to get the most beautiful photos on your special day. If you already have made an investment to have Ivan and his team during your wedding, then this will help you understand our thought process and allow us to go above and beyond your expectations. By using just a few simple tips, you can get results that are more outstanding than you imagined.


See each other before the wedding

Now at first thought everybody says absolutely no to the idea, but then most couples start thinking about the benefits of seeing each other before the ceremony: More time for romantic shots of you both together! You will have more of everything from your wedding day by seeing each other. By doing this, we have the opportunity to set up and capture that special moment seeing each other for the first time, either alone or with loved one’s watching. If the venue does not let you come in earlier due to scheduling, consider doing seeing each other somewhere else prior to arriving to the venue.


Make moments happen

We often find that couples who do not see each other before the ceremony do not get as many or as great pictures of themselves together because they are always in a hurry to get to the reception. You might say that you will not be in a hurry, but you probably will when it comes to that time. We have never had a couple that was not worried about rushing to get to their party.

You can take full advantage of your time with us and travel somewhere great for wedding party pictures and shots of you as a couple. Take advantage of limo services by taking the wedding party to an amazing location nearby or somewhere else of your choice.

We can take all of the pictures before the wedding even begins, leaving you with fresh makeup, great hair, excited smiles in all of your pictures and more time to enjoy your reception!



Have a gap between your ceremony and reception

If you are still firmly set against seeing each other before the ceremony then consider having at least a 1 to 2 hour gap between your ceremony and reception.

Benefits to having a gap before your reception:

You allow plenty of time to travel somewhere great for pictures (especially if your church will only look great for formal portraits). We can jump in a limo and go anywhere you would love to take pictures. If you have an afternoon wedding, you can still have an opportunity to have an evening reception.

Your guests can freshen up before the reception with an organized cocktail party! This will insure that the two of you have the best opportunity to get the most unique pictures of your wedding party and yourselves as newlyweds. Last but not least... you get to truly take in the day and enjoy every minute of it as opposed to hurrying around.


Allow ample time before the ceremony

If the above is completely out of the questions then at least allow for 2 to 3 hours before the ceremony for pictures. Make sure all bridesmaids are dressed and ready prior to our arrival to begin pictures with the bride.

• All flowers need to be ready at the start of the pictures.

• Boutonnieres need to be pinned on all the guys promptly on their arrival for pictures.

• Immediate family of both the bride and groom should be ready before the ceremony.

• Utilize your time with us. The best pictures always come from before the event begins.


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Surprise him with sexy photos

Imagine his face when you surprise him with an album full of gorgeous photos of yourself on your big day. Bridal boudoir photos are the wedding gift these days. I've had brides give the gift to their grooms on the morning of their wedding (opened in secret of course) and it has made their jaw drop!

If you don't have time for a full boudoir session, you can also take a few sexy photos with your robe on the day of and give it to him afterwards. We will of course keep everything private and these photos can be hidden in the gallery so only you can see them.


Cooperation is the key!

After all the formal pictures are finished, we need the cooperation of you two together to take extra time for some great pictures of you as newlyweds.

If you are worried about having guests wait too long to eat, break tradition and go ahead and have them start eating before you arrive (not just appetizers, everything!) They will love it and you will not feel pressured, plus the party will get started much earlier in the evening!

Be willing to do fun poses and go along when we suggest them, after all this is because we know it will look great! Let your wedding party know how important this is to you and that we might be a little different in the way I work!


Lighting is crucial

All of the great pictures that are showcased in my website are depicting natural light!

What time does the sun set? **Important for weddings in September-March** If there is no natural light left after the ceremony then I highly suggest seeing each other before the ceremony and getting all the pictures out of the way (if you want pictures like the ones you’ve seen that we have done.)

These are just a few tips on how to get the most out your wedding, now take all the advantage of having me there and do something truly unique on your wedding day.