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The Ivan Garcia Studio is available for hourly rental to respectable photographers who are looking to create amazing images in a beautifully decorated space filled with gorgeous natural light. The studio features several tall windows, hardwood floors, and non-reflective matte gray walls, it can be fully customized to match your style and inspiration ideas.

Rental includes full access to the studio and the following amenities:

✓ Client meeting area

✓ Photography space

✓ Refreshments

✓ Private restroom

✓ Wi-Fi connection

✓ Bluetooth speaker


Furniture available

Included with your rental is the option to add furniture listed below as well as the air mattress with sheets and pillows, feel free to arrange the entire photography space just how you like it.

 Spa chair

Spa chair

 Rustic Bench

Rustic Bench

 Modern Sofa

Modern Sofa

 Ghost chair

Ghost chair

 Air mattress with sheets & pillows

Air mattress with sheets & pillows

 Bedside tables with decor (feel free to bring your own)

Bedside tables with decor (feel free to bring your own)

Rental Rates

We have made it really easy to request a reservation with Ivan Garcia Studio for your next photo shoot. The cost is only $50 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours.

Add any piece of furniture for only $5 each or the entire bedroom set for $25 extra.

How request a booking:

1. Select the amount of hours you need

2. Add any furniture you would like to use

3. Choose your date and start time

4. Enter your information along with details

5. Click the "complete appointment" button

6. Check your email for confirmation

7. Allow up to 24 hours to review your request

8. You will receive a link to sign a contract and make your payment in full



+ Where is the studio located?

26504 Preston Ave, Spring, TX 77373

+ Where do I park?

There is plenty of free parking for you and your clients around the studio

+ What time can I arrive to setup?

You can arrive up to 20 minutes early to setup your gear and the furniture that will be used

+ How many windows are there?

The photography space has two windows, 1 facing west and the other facing north. If you want golden light, we recommend scheduling your shoot 3 hours before the sun sets

+ Do you have a ladder or step stool?

Yes we have both available for you to use as needed

+ Can I bring a makeup artist or stylist?

We share the studio with Simple Beauty Artistry, for this reason we don't allow any other artist/stylist on site. We recommend for your client to be ready upon arrival

+ Can my client bring pets?

Pets are not allowed in the studio at any time, thank you for understanding

+ Can I photograph intimate style photos?

Yes, our studio is only rented to 1 photographer at a time and you will have complete privacy

+ Will someone be present at the studio?

Yes, Ana or Ivan will be available during your entire rental. You can request either person to be there for your photo shoot

+ Can I bring food or drinks?

Sure, just be sure to clean up before your rental time is over, thank you!

+ What's included with the rental?

Includes full studio access and empty photography space. Wifi access is available upon request. You also have the option to add furnture or the bedroom set (with sheets, pillows and decor) available separately

+ How do I schedule a time and date?

Use our appointment scheduler to request a booking, you will receive a link to review a contract, sign and pay online. Your date and time is secured after you have paid in full.

+ Are there any hidden fees?

There are no other fees unless there are damages found at the time of your rental closing, if the studio needs cleaning, or if you cancel within 7 days.

+ What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule?

All cancellations must be made at least 7 days in advance and are subject to a $20 fee. Any cancellations within the same week are refunded as credit towards another reservation. You can reschedule your appointment if you can give at least 3 days notice.



Our beautiful studio is located in Old Town Spring. Only 15 minutes from The Woodlands and 35 minutes from downtown Houston.


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About Ivan Garcia Studio

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Hi, I am Ivan, The creative artist and owner of Ivan Garcia Studio. I have been married for 18 years to the love of my life, Ana, and we have a beautiful intelligent daughter, Cassandra.

At a very early age I was fascinated with technology. I have developed a love for science and enjoy listening to the podcast of Neil deGrasse Tyson pretty much every day.

Often I am in the kitchen cooking delicious meals for my family using my cast iron skillets because I love to experiment with different flavors. My family says I have a funny laugh that is contagious. I love a good fresh pair of shorts and sandals during the summer in this Houston heat. I also love to use movie quotes whenever I can to express myself to my family and make then smile.