A guide to portraits

How prepare for your session


Outdoor Sessions

Compliment colors

There are several areas that we like to visit when going on-location, it is a fun way to get very natural images. We recommend outfits that will compliment each other instead of matching the exact colors (don't do all white for example). You are welcome to bring a second change of clothes, it can be casual but keep in mind that you still want to look your best.


Plan to bring different jewelry to stylize your shoot, from earrings to bracelets and head bands, your photos will have more variety. If your session will take place during the fall, be sure to also bring a blanket, sweaters, hats, scarfs, anything that will enhance the look. Can't decide which accessory to go with your outfit? Bring several options and we will help you put it together.

Be energized

The entire portrait session will last between 60 to 90 minutes and the last thing we want is for you to feel hungry. Grab something light to eat or have a protein bar with you, it will sure help with the cravings. There has been several occasions where we had to finish the session early because the client has not eaten all day. Drink plenty of water, carry a cooler with several bottles, to stay hydrated and make your time enjoyable.

In-Home Sessions

Preparing your home

• Clear floors and surfaces of clutter, and remove any items you don’t want appearing in photographs.

• Vacuum, dust, make beds, and generally clean your home. This will ensure that all surfaces gleam and sparkle in the photographs!

• I will select rooms with plenty of natural light for our photography. Even if a space looks uninteresting to you, if it’s full of beautiful light, include it in your cleaning!

• If you choose not to clean and prefer to receive professional retouching services on your photographs later, my retouching fee begins at $60 per hour.

Don’t forget the wardrobe

What you decide to wear can make or break a session, Pinterest is a great solution for making collections for excellent wardrobe choices. It will give you an idea of what looks great on camera. Be sure to edit the pins’ default description in place so you know exactly why a particular outfit was pinned and why you are suggesting it.


Newborn sessions take place in your own home within 14 days of birth. It is very important to be within this age as posing newborns becomes much more difficult past 2 weeks, as their wakeful stages begin to increase. Since your baby will be wrapped in very little clothing, it is recommended to keep the room at a very warm 80 degrees, use of a space heater will help keep the temperature in check. Each session lasts 2 to 3 hours as newborns are in their own schedule and it’s otherwise not possible to get the necessary photos in less time.