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Beautiful portraits for any occasion


If you grew up like me, the only professional pictures you have were taken during a special occasion such as a graduation from high school. Other times it as a family photo taken at some photographer's studio. I will never forget when I was 10 years old and was told to say cheese to the camera. That was a fail because I did not realize that it should be said while smiling, instead my lips formed into a pucker to say the actual word.

Fast forward to today, I want to show the world that pictures can be had anytime, not just for a special occasion, but it should be done every year. Your wall is desperately in need of an update with pretty decor. Let me create amazing images that you will love every time you and your family looks at them.


What's included?

Your session includes a pre-consultation to help you choose the perfect outfits, coaching and guidance throughout the entire session, professional hair and makeup, an amazing supermodel experience, and a gallery reveal appointment to view your photos and decide which products you like.


  • Pre-consultation and wardrobe assistance
  • Up to 3 outfits of your choice (bring your own)
  • Professional coaching and posing guidance
  • 30 to 45 minute photo shoot directed by Ivan
  • In-person gallery reveal to purchase products



After your session

Your in-person gallery reveal appointment will be scheduled about a week after your photo shoot to select your favorites and decide on beautiful custom products such as albums, wall displays or digital images.

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Q: Where will the session take place?
All sessions are photographed on-location, I have a list of favorite places to go which you will receive as soon as you have booked your family portraits

Q: Can I bring my family with me?
Yes! I believe that you should include everyone in your photos, even your pets! I will take pictures for the entire allowed time included with the package.

Q: What should I wear?
What you wear is entirely up to you, but I recommend wearing colors that complement each other. Create a theme of colors for your photo shoot such as "soft pastel peaches & watermelon", this will allow you to shop for clothing and accessories that will look great!

Q: How should I prepare before the session?
Every client will get exclusive access to our preparation guide to help them get the most out of their portrait session.

Q: What's the next step to book?
Email me to request availability for a specific date and time or use the instant purchase button to book directly on the site and lock-in the prices first, then figure out a date and time that works for everyone.


I would love to talk to you! Email hello@ivangarciastudio.com or call 281-615-6048 to chat.

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