for your boudoir photo shoot


Comfort is everything

The easiest way for you to feel confident in front of the camera is to practice posing in front of the mirror, turn up the music and try on all the outfits you plan on bringing on the day of the session.

If you are feeling tense it will show in the photos. Don't worry about every little detail. Have a drink and most importantly, have fun!

It's all about expressions

Start by relaxing your face, then practice different smiles, smirk to one side, part lips open, tilt head up a bit, look towards the camera, now look away.

The right body posture

Keep shoulders back and push out your hip out (even if you are laying down). This will give you the best posture and enhance your curves.

Legs and feet do matter

Always keep your toes pointed outwards, cross your legs, bend at the knees, keep them side by side, separate your feet apart

What to do with your hands

This is a questions I often get asked. It will make the shoot more fun if you have an idea of what to do. Here are some suggestions to try with your hands:

  • Twist your shirt
  • Undo buttons
  • Pull sweater
  • Grab your hair
  • Untie a knot
  • Hug yourself

Checkout the Pinterest boards

Through out the shoot I will switch between delicate and bold poses. If you have anything sheer of fluffy, be sure to bring it with you.

Where to shop

When shopping for lingerie, purchase at least one complete outfit with matching shoes and accessories such as necklace, bracelet, and earrings.

For the biggest selection in lingerie, shop at BHLDN (beholden) online, but be sure to try on everything you plan on bringing with you. The store is located in Highland village. Click here for directions.

ONE matching top & bottom is better than separates

What to get?

Don't fret! I'm here to give you ideas on what you can purchase for your boudoir shoot. If you can, get a white lace robe to make your photos look more dreamy and romantic. A matching bra & panty set always look best, you can even go classic with Calvin Klein style undies and a pair of jeans or sweater. Some items may already be in your closet. If you have anything sheer of fluffy, bring it with you. If you're a bride also plan to bring your veil and a bouquet.

Preparing for your session

  • If not included, see a professional make up artist and hair stylist
  • Moisturize your skin and drink lots of water during the days up to your shoot
  • Eat as healthy as possible and avoid greasy and salty foods
  • Treat yourself to some pretty lingerie, it will boost your confidence
  • Visit stores like Victoria’s secret, they’ll help you find lingerie that fits properly
  • Don’t try any new skin products, facial peel or tan to avoid reactions
  • Get a manicure and pedicure beforehand so your nails will look fabulous
  • Take care of any waxing or shaving sensitive areas to avoid irritation or redness
  • Try on every outfit you plan on wearing and make sure they are flattering
  • Practice some poses and expressions in front of the mirror to some music
  • Bring anything that will help you feel confident, even a good friend to cheer
  • If doing your own make-up: bring different shades of lipstick; dark mattes, frosts, and gloss are best
  • You’ll also need your powder throughout the day to reduce the shine
  • Make sure to get a good night’s rest, don’t fret about your shoot

Pack as many outfits as you want, and don't forget your jewelry and shoes!

Follow the example list below:

[ ] fuzzy sweater

[ ] fur coat

[ ] lacy lingerie (matching)

[ ] stockings

[ ] knee high socks

[ ] tank top

[ ] bralette

[ ] thong

[ ] anything fishnet

[ ] bodysuit

[ ] romper

[ ] fitted slip

[ ] see-through

[ ] hats

[ ] his shirt or jersey

[ ] hair pieces

[ ] jewelry (various)

[ ] high heels

On the morning of your shoot

  • Make sure to eat something, a good breakfast and light lunch, you’ll need the energy
  • Allow yourself plenty of time -you don’t want to end up feeling rushed and stressed
  • Wear a button down shirt and loose clothing when you arrive to see the stylist
  • Don’t put on anything that will mark your skin, it takes forever for those marks to go away
  • Go very dramatic on the eyes and heavy on the mascara, false eyelashes will enhance your look
  • Hair down with curls is always best for this type of shoot

During the shoot

  • Don’t forget to arch your back and point your toes for every picture
  • Do push yourself to go a little bit outside of your comfort zone
  • We’re all about tasteful photos, but also creating something that you and your partner will LOVE
  • Most importantly... have an amazing time! ....Have a drink and turn up the music

After the shoot

  • Schedule a viewing and ordering appointment
  • Decide which favorite images you like the most
  • Order digital images, books, prints, and specialty items
  • Wait for your products to arrive, and don't forget to surprise your partner.