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Embrace your body

Think about it, you only have one chance at life. What will you do with it? Often we experience something new, meet new people, create new memories while the old ones fade away. We are always busy taking care of others and making sure they have what they need, but by doing so we forget about ourselves. Don't you feel at times that you want to be a little selfish and just treat yourself to a nice gift? 

From the moment you walk in to the boudoir studio, my professional team will welcome you with a smile and make you feel at home. On the day of your photo shoot, the talented artist at Simple Beauty Artistry will make you look and feel amazing. You will not have to do a thing, in fact, we will pamper you throughout the entire photo shoot with professional coaching and posing guidance, plus you will get to see all the images as we go along to make sure you love the results.

If you feel beautiful, then you are beautiful, and your confidence will definitely shine through.

Who is Boudoir for?

Boudoir is for anyone who wants to get beautiful photos either for themselves or as a gift for someone else. It can be for a special occasion or just because! Whichever the purpose you choose to do boudoir, either for yourself or for your partner, you deserve to be pampered like a celebrity even for just one day. Here are just a few ideas to celebrate:

  • A gift for yourself
  • A gift for your husband
  • Milestone achievement
  • Life changing event
  • Bachlorette party
  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Holiday

What can you expect?

On the day of your session, you will first arrive to get your hair & make up done by Simple Beauty Artistry if you decided to add it to your session. Next, you will choose your favorite outfit that you are comfortable to start with including accessories and shoes to create a look that is best for the shoot. Then I will show you a few of my favorite poses that you may want to try, play your favorite music to get things started and walk over to the gorgeous set.

This is where I will be coaching you to get those perfect facial expressions. Before you know it, you will feel more relaxed and start having a lot of fun! During the shoot, you can try different body poses and change your outfits to get a variety of looks. We will never push you to do anything you don't want to do, we always give suggestions, ask for permission when needed, and only use words that are respectful.

My goal is to help you feel more confident after walking out of the studio.

 Our romantic decor was handpicked to make you feel comfortable

Our romantic decor was handpicked to make you feel comfortable

 Waiting area, hair and makeup's all ready for your appointment

Waiting area, hair and makeup's all ready for your appointment


Ms. B profile.png

"I am not the outgoing type by any means so that was a huge barrier for me getting a boudoir shoot done. I had wanted to take the leap for bridal boudoir pictures and never found a photographer I was comfortable enough with.

After booking, Ivan reached out several days in advance of the shoot and walked me through step by step on what to do to be prepared, gave me ideas of outfits to bring, and made prior communication to make me feel very at ease. The entire experience was a dream perfect scenario! I was given all the information to be ready and the setup was inviting and comfortable! The shoot was fun and I really enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone with this team!!!

I was directed on poses and helped through the whole way! There could not have been a better photographer to do this with!!" ~Belle


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"One thing I recommend is to start with the outfit you are most comfortable with and warm up to taking pictures with their direction and then go into more vulnerable outfits. 

I always felt at ease during the shoot and was so happy to work with Ivan and his team, they were so professional. Afterwards, I could not wait to get the photos back! I worked back and forth with Ivan to make the book and put it together before the wedding.

My husband was so shocked and said the pictures turned out amazing. It was the first thing he mentioned when we did our first look :)" ~ Mrs. L.


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"I knew that I wanted to do boudoir photos as a gift for my husband on our wedding day. Even though I was confident,  I still had some nerves  up to the day of the photo shoot. I received an comprehensive list from Ivan with things “to do” and how to prepare which was very helpful.

I started out with what I felt comfortable in first to “warm up”, this helped me a lot and as the photo session went on I felt more comfortable in front of the camera and embraced how much fun it actually was. 

The photos were amazing, very tasteful. I felt very beautiful during the shoot and my husband loved the photos. The best part was to see his face in our wedding photos when he opened his gift. Later on during the night he made a comment on how much he loved the photos. Ana and Ivan are such an amazing sweet couple who love what they do as it shows in their work." ~ Mrs. B.

After your session

Your in-person gallery reveal and ordering appointment will be scheduled about a week after your photo shoot to select your favorites and choose any beautiful custom products such as albums or wall displays.


Frequently asked

Q: Where will the session take place? All sessions normally take place in the studio, but we can go on-location to your home, or a hotel room which you can reserve and pay for. A boudoir session is very intimate can make anyone feel anxious or nervous, which is why a private environment works best.

Q: What if I’m not a model with a perfect body figure? There is no such thing as a perfect body. My goal is to use creative lighting, clothing, shadows, and proper female posing to emphasize your positive features. I am committed to bring out your very best during the session.

Q. Who will be there during the photo shoot? We understand the delicate nature of boudoir photos, for this reason our team is composed of a makeup artist/stylist, the photographer and female assistant. All of whom are professional and will be present during your photo shoot to make you feel more comfortable.

Q. Can I bring my friend with me? Feel free to bring someone who will cheer for you during the photo shoot. I've had several clients tell me that bringing their best friend was the best thing they could have done for encouragement and help them make feel more at ease.

Q. What should I wear? Bring a several outfits including shoes and accessories that fit you well and make you look good. During the shoot I will help you select the best outfits and teach you how to pose your body to capture the best features.

Q. Can you take more conservative photos? I ask every client to fill out a boudoir questionnaire which allows me to understand their comfort level and how they will like the shoot feel like. A bridal boudoir session focuses more on the beauty side of boudoir, imagine wearing a gorgeous white lace robe and a beautiful bouquet. 

Q: Will the photos be shared? I want all of my clients to feel proud of their photos and share them with the world without anything to hide. My business depends on being able to show images to other potential clients, however, I completely respect your privacy and if you prefer no one will ever see your images without written permission. I will work with you to create specific images (covered by angles, shadows, hair or props)  that can be used for such purpose.

Q. How should I prepare before the session? After booking your session, you will receive a guide that has been created with a list of to do's that will help you along the way leading up to the day of your shoot. You will also get plenty of examples on how to pose in front of the camera and ideas on where to shop for lingerie to make your experience more enjoyable.


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